Summit Natural Energy is a 100% natural alternative to popular energy drinks. The goal of this project was was to create a brand that would compete with the caffeine-and-sugar-loaded products that currently take over the shelves. This was a group project in which my main role was to create the logo for our product.

Project Type:

Team Project (School)


Brand Strategy, Logo Creation


Illustrator, Photoshop, Blender


Since this was an invented company and product, we chose to target a specific demographic: millennials who like to spend time outdoors. A typical consumer is concerned about his or her diet, and loves connecting with nature in the form of camping, hiking, trail running, or other outdoor activities.

grid of photos of millennials

The Process

After deciding on “Summit” for the name of our product, I worked to come up with a logo that would best illustrate the story behind our brand.

Final Logo

The logo features two overlapping “M’s” that form the shape of mountains. The rounded strokes of the letters that make up the word “summit” (Nunito Regular) match the mountains.

The Product

The original project brief required us to create can designs for three different flavours. Since the project deadline, I’ve expanded the Summit brand by showing how it could look in a real-world environment.
Can Labels
summit natural energy cans
back of cans
Information on cans