For a project at school, I was required to choose a company from a list of start-ups to rebrand. I chose the company SPLT, a start-up in the ride-sharing industry. The company intrigued me because of their unique take on how to compete in the ride-sharing space. After carefully looking at the SPLT brand via their website and online marketing, I decided that a rebrand could put the company in a better position to reach their target market. This case study will take an in-depth look at the process I took to create a rebrand of SPLT.
Project Type:



Brand Strategy, Market Research


Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign

The Current Brand

SPLT uses a trendy colour palette of teal green and pink for their website and app. My guess is that this choice was an attempt to match the company’s fresh and innovative business plan. I feel, however, that this choice lacks a certain professionally that is found in the rest of their company. I decided that a more traditional colour scheme would give the company a more refined and professional feel and therefore appeal to the corporations and universities that SPLT is targeting.

The Logo

SPLT’s current logo is a word mark in which the “SP” and the “LT” are on different levels. A location symbol is used for the counter of the “P.” I think the current logo is strong, but I had a few changes in mind to make it even better. I wanted to simplify the new logo to make it work as an app icon on a mobile device and still be visible at a small size (The location marker starts to get lost in the current version when the logo is displayed at a small size).

I started sketching out ideas and concepts based on the company’s values and mission. I wanted a strong professional logo that would display the concept of “providing safe and affordable transportation for all.”

Final Logo

Marketing Materials

App Interface Redesign