Rogers Cup Rebrand

Problem: The current Roger’s Cup branding is too corporate
Solution: Let’s rebrand the event using vintage styles as inspiration

Rogers Cup Rebrand

School Project | Personal Interest

The goal of this rebrand is to increase interest in Rogers Cup by having a greater focus on the history of the event. Rogers Cup is currently the 3rd oldest tournament (only Wimbledon and US Open are older) on the ATP tour. By referencing older design styles and colours as well as historic players, a sense of nostalgia is created that would increase excitement about the event.


The current Rogers Cup brand is very corporate, and while corporate sponsors are necessary at events like this, I believe there is an opportunity to tap into the heritage of the sport and the event in the branding.


I took inspiration from modern logos that reference vintage styles. I also looked to past styles and designs in the tennis world for ideas.

Final Logo

The redesigned logo is a reference to the lines on a tennis court, something that is timeless when it comes to tennis. The crest shape is also a reference to historic design. One can find a similar but more rounded shape in the centre of Canada’s coat of arms.

Logo Variations

Besides the primary logo, I created a secondary logo that removes the text as well as a single colour version of the logo. The wordless logo was designed to be used on apparel.

Promotional Materials

I created a ticket, banner, and poster to further illustrate my concept for this rebrand. The goal here was to connect the past to the present. By showing a historic tennis player next to a current player, viewers will appreciate the past as well as be excited about the present and future of tennis. The focus was on Canada’s three up-and-coming young tennis stars: Felix Auger Aliassime, Bianca Andreescu, and Denis Shapovalov.


Lastly, I created a branded baseball cap and shirt. This design uses the alternate wordless logo. The idea is to have apparel that still points back to the Rogers Cup brand but at the same time isn’t just another t-shirt with a corporate logo slapped on.