For this project, I wanted to see if I could take the branding principles I’ve learned over the past three years at school and apply them to something a little different. I started by creating 3D models of chess pieces. I then created a brand and package design past on the look and feel of the pieces themselves.

Project Type:

Passion Project


Brand Strategy, Product Design


Blender, Illustrator, Photoshop

The Chess Pieces

This project started with the design of the pieces themselves. My goal was to create a set that was clearly recognizable as chess but was still unique. I decided to use geometric, sharp-edged shapes rather than typical rounded pieces.

The Logo

The diagonal lines that make up the word “Chess” are reflective of the distinct angles found on each chess piece. Also, the solid blue shape behind the first few letters represents a chess board. 

The Board

To stay consistent with the diagonal lines that make up the brand, the board is made up of diagonal lines that aren’t quite parallel. This gives the board a unique look while still remaining functional. 

The Box

To complete the package, I created a design for housing the board and pieces. I wanted a package that maximized space and minimized the need for plastic.