Inspired by modern fonts like Bodoni and Didot, Jasmine combines smooth curves with sharp, thin serifs to achieve a strong yet elegant look. While readable at a smaller size, the font was designed to beautifully display text, and works well with black and white photography.

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Glyphs, Illustrator


The letters that make up Jasmine are consistent in width, style, and stroke contrast. A few of the lowercase letters, such as the ‘f’, ‘g’, and ‘j’ have unique terminal designs that give the font an extra flair.


This up-close look at the lowercase ‘i’ and ‘n’ shows how the letters themselves are built using consistent angles curves based on parallel lines and circles

More Glyphs and Ligatures

Besides letters, the font comes with more glyphs and characters such as brackets, accent marks, alternate letters (lowercase ‘a’ and ‘g’), and ligatures. All were designed with the purpose of maintaining a consistent elegant look across the whole font.