Elements is a magazine about science and discovery. Its purpose is to encourage young readers (ages 15-25) to take a greater interest in science and exploring the world around them. The slogan “Explore. Discover. Understand” on the back cover ad sums up the purpose of Elements Magazine.

Project Type:



Editorial Design, Layouts, Branding


InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop

magazine lying upside down


As someone who doesn’t spend much time reading magazines, I new it was important to research and explore existing magazines for inspiration. I explored issues from the following three magazines: Canadian Art, Popular Mechanics, and Surf.

The Process

One of the things I learned when doing this project was the importance of creating a plan for the entire issue before starting to design the actual layout of the magazine.

I used a consistent colour palette throughout the entire magazine. I the colours were inspired from a collection of images and artwork that helped inspire the general look and feel of the magazine.

The Elements Brand

I used a consistent colour palette, typography, and a logo to give the magazine a brand that would make it recognizable to its readers, whether they’re looking through it or see it on a shelf.

The Content

This issue of Elements features individuals who have been an inspiration to me personally in the area of science and discovery. The two main articles feature YouTuber Coyote Peterson (Brave Wilderness) and motivational speaker and blogger Tim Urban.